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Prepare for the road ahead

Our Process










We start by asking: “ What is your greatest concern about your finances?”  This starts a discussion that helps us uncover your most meaningful priorities, and the type of financial plan which helps you get the most out of life.  It also identifies the “hidden waterfalls” as well as opportunities, so we can plan the safest and most effective path to achieve your goals.

Completing a risk profile questionnaire at the first meeting allows us to objectively confirm where you stand on investment risk before moving forward with the next steps.



Creating a plan is rarely accomplished in a single meeting.  The process may include one or two additional meetings over a period of time to review reports and digest the recommendations. 

While each client receives our experienced investment guidance and strategies in every stage of planning, the diverse pieces of your financial plan are selected by you. We provide traditional services, but also focus on services that often fall under the radar such as:  long-term care plans, social security strategies, and financial planning for same-sex couples and families.

We follow up these meetings with a written summary to confirm details, provide accountability, and give you a point of reference in the future. 



Implementing your plan comes after decisions are made about the recommendations and strategies that are the best fit.  This stage of planning involves preparing documents, reviewing contracts, and initiating payments or transfers of funds to any new accounts as needed.


Monitoring and Adjusting

We schedule routine check-ups to monitor and adjust your plan at least twice per year. Meanwhile, we remain accessible and responsive to your questions and concerns as needed.   We aim to communicate as frequently as economic or regulatory changes dictate, but none of us ever know for sure what a new day will bring.  There are no additional charges or fees for ongoing service of items included in your original plan. 


Whether we create a plan together or simply address individual issues, we are committed to you as one of your most trusted advisors.  We help you take care of your plan, so it will take care of you.