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40% of U.S. workers have saved
less than $25,000 for retirement.*

*2019 Retirement
Confidence Survey, EBRI

Only 42% of Americans know how
much money to save for retirement.*

*2019 Retirement Confidence Survey, EBRI

43% of retirees left
the workforce earlier
than planned.*

*2019 Retirement
Confidence Survey, EBRI

Welcome to the Cambridge Planning Group (CPG).  In the face of today's global and unpredictable economy, we understand the need for clarity about financial planning solutions. Our advisors specialize in collaborative planning and education to help you make informed decisions. This ensures that the most accurate and complete plan is prepared and implemented for you.
Getting started with any firm requires a certain amount of trust and the courtesy of an introductory conversation.  The items below should help make the first steps feel like small ones instead of giant leaps.  
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   Whether or not you are a client of CPG, please join us for our complimentary TEA &    TRANQUILITY sessions. Click on the upcoming events link above for additional details.