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Advisory Services



We offer several payment options for fiduciary planning services at a fixed price per project or a percentage of actively managed assets.   All costs are discussed during the initial consultation, and are pre-determined based on the selection and complexity of requested services.


Project selections include:


  • ASSET AND ESTATE ANALYSIS -  Caregivers often face a stack of documents belonging to the care recipient as they begin the process of organizing the new plan and coordinating services. These can include important items such as 401k and bank statements, pension documents, long-term care insurance, life insurance with cash values, wills, and/or trusts.  We help identify the assets and benefits held in the existing portfolio, provide clarity on their growth potential and performance, and explain how to maximize their worth for the care recipient.


  • SECOND OPINION -  Many people hold assets at a variety of service providers. Having a 401(k) at work, an IRA at the bank, an on-line trading portfolio, and a life insurance policy buried in a file cabinet can make it difficult to coordinate an effective savings strategy.  Conflicting opinions from multiple providers can also hinder your progress.  We provide an objective, educated, experienced, and quantifiable review of your total portfolio, so you can manage all of your accounts with confidence and authority.


  • BUSINESS PLANNING - Financial planning for business has several important considerations such as:  estate planning, tax management, valuations, retirement funding, and succession. We address the common business killers, and help you manage the dual priorities of running a business and taking care of loved ones.


  • ESTATE PLANNING - Understanding the rules of inheritance and devising a clear set of instructions for beneficiaries is critical for avoiding the costs and complexities of probate.  We work hand in hand with your legal professionals to ensure your assets and financial goals align with an effective estate plan. 


  • FINANCIAL PLANNING - Plans for the years leading toward retirement are as unique and diverse as each individual.  Short-term savings goals, asset accumulation, college planning, insurance and tax needs can all benefit from strategic placement in both tax-deferred ("qualified") and taxable ("non-qualified") accounts.     


  • INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT - Confidently delegate the daily tasks of portfolio management to us, knowing that your investments are rigorously researched, strategically positioned, and regularly monitored.  We clearly communicate about your goals, timeline, and tolerance for risk, while recommending an investment allocation and maintenance schedule tailored to your preferences.  


  • LONG-TERM CARE PLANNING - Preparing for a long term care event, including disability, is an important part of your financial plan.  Illness and accidents do not discriminate by age and can strike at any time.  Unexpected long-term care needs often wreak financial havoc on the unprepared.  Together, we can explore your options and minimize the impact of a life-changing situation.


  • RETIREMENT PLANNING - We identify your specific retirement goals and income needs, and create the most appropriate strategy.


  • SOCIAL SECURITY PLANNING -  This service enables you to make optimal decisions regarding when and how to claim your Social Security benefits.  The choices are extensive, and the financial implications of this decision can impact future income. Decisions on Medicare enrollment are closely tied to Social Security enrollment choices.  We provide customized analysis and reports to identify the most beneficial approach to this important part of your retirement plan.